Lost Frontier Christmas Sampler 2014

J. M. Quintana Cámara - Lost Frontier Christmas Sampler 2014

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Album Notes

Release date: December 2014

Lost Frontier Christmas Sampler 2014 is a compilation album published by Javier Bedoya (Lost Frontier). This is the continuation of a series of Christmas music albums promoted by Javier, whose objective is to promote and spread music.

The single The Shepherd Boy by José Manuel Quintana Cámara has been chosen by Javier Bedoya to be part of this Christmas Sampler 2014 compilation album.

Album Tracks

CD 1 

01    Roger Subirana: Little Snowball, ©2014 previously unreleased
02    MeTrónomoS: A Walk on a Beautiful Lie, ©2014 “The Long Road (forthcoming album)”
03    juanma71: Army of Peace, ©2014 previously unreleased
04    J. M. Mantecón: Pequeño Sueño, ©2001 previously unreleased
05    El Petit Jardí: Sunset in Morocco (Magix Oriental Mix), ©2014 previously unreleased
06    Raúl Gonzalo: The Flying Santa, ©2014 previously unreleased
07    J. M. Quintana Cámara: The Shepherd Boy, ©2014 previously unreleased
08    G.R.O.K.: Frozen Night, ©2014 previously unreleased
09    Javier Vecino: 'Toy Kaputt, ©2014 previously unreleased
10    Pepe Acevedo: Yule, ©2014 previously unreleased
11    Carlos J. Vera: Luces de Navidad, ©2014 previously unreleased
12    Víctor Esplugues: My Angel (First Steps), ©2014 “The Age of Love (forthcoming album)”

CD 2 

01    Psicodreamics: The Voices of Winter, ©2013 “The Voices of Winter (single)”
02    Ignacio Núñez (feat. Roger Subirana): El Espíritu del Viento, ©2014 previously unreleased
03    Andrés CV: Navideño, ©2014 previously unreleased
04    Jordi Molas: 24, ©2014 previously unreleased
05    Javier Sabadell: La Matanza de Inocentes por Herodes, ©2014 previously unreleased
06    Mystic Crann Bethadh: Biàdh, ©2014 previously unreleased
07    Roberto Herce & Javier Vecino: Crystal Snow, ©2014 previously unreleased
08    Cambridge: Escenas (de la Navidad de 1994), ©1994 previously unreleased
09    0 Dbs: Again with You (Nexus edit), ©2014 previously unreleased
10    G.R.O.K.: Amor Ardiente [bonus track], ©2014 previously unreleased
11    El Petit Jardí: Anunciación [bonus track], ©2014 previously unreleased


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Licencia de Creative Commons
The Shepherd Boy by J. M. Quintana Cámara is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 3.0 Unported License.

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"Congratulations on your release! I've been enjoying the whole album, and my daughter has as well. So lovely :)" ~Isabella, Yoga Student, Canada
"Bello nella semplicità del quotidiano accompagnato da una musica dolcissima... bel montaggio e scelta musicale", ~Ivana Olivo, Italy