Peaceful Radio broadcasts Discovering the Paradise

31th July 2013

Peaceful Radio

The song Discovering the Paradise has been included into the Peaceful Radio Radioshow 915 together with the following music:


Peaceful Radio part 1

1) CD: When Dreams Come True / Track: No Place Like Home Artist: Curtis Macdonald / Information:

2) CD: Azure Pieces of Life / Track: Caltfish Talls Artist: Kat Epple / Information:

3) CD: Songs for Your Soul / Track: Hallelujah Artist: Vincenzo / Information:

4) CD: Feelinks / Track: Discovering the Paradise Artist: J.M. Quintana Camara / Information:

5) CD: Flamenco Andalusia / Track: Zorongo Artist: Danza Fuego / Information:

6) CD: Glimmerings / Track: Realization Artist: Elika Mahony / Information:

7) CD: Somewhere in a Hidden Memory / Track: True Thomas Artist: Trine Opsahl / Information:

8) CD: Eleven drops / Track: Mientras duermes Artist: Paz del Castillo / Information:

9) CD: Yoga Heart Healing / Track: Asana Sequence One Artist: David V. Gregoli / Information:

10) CD: Celtic Harp / Track: Lure of the Sea Maiden Artist: Margie Butler / Information:

11) CD: ‘Live’ at Violet Hill / Track: The mystic garden Artist: Asher Quinn / Information:

12) CD: Water & Light / Track: Message of the White Clouds Artist: GioAri / Information:

13) CD: Beyond Time / Track: Back Home Artist: Karunesh / Information:

14) CD: Sunset Dreaming / Track: Fresco Artist: Steen Raahauge / Information:

15) CD: Hillside Tunings / Track: Bandura Artist: Christian Alvad / Information:

16) CD: New Dawn / Track: Take Me Away Artist: Anna M & Johnny Owl / Information:

Peaceful Radio part 2

1) CD: Qi Gong / Track: Lied der Nachtgall Artist: Buedi Siebert / Information:

2) CD: Visions / Track: a passion play Artist: Uwe Gronau / Information:

3) CD: Subterranea / Track: Desert Moon Artist: Mehran / Information:

4) CD: Thoughts For The Masses / Track: Farewell My heart Artist: Pauline Alexander / Information:

5) CD: Traditional music from Russia / Track: Tumanushki Artist: Russkaya Muzyka / Information:

6) CD: The Journey / Track: The Journey Artist: Freud / Information:

7) CD: Between the shores of our souls / Track: Breeze At Dawn Artist: Mirabai Ceiba / Information:

8) CD: Floating on a Melody / Track: A Distant Universe Artist: Christopher Boscole / Information:

9) CD: Visions / Track: Nirvana Artist: Sphera / Information:

10) CD: Sabla Tolo III / Track: Oh Father Artist: Hossam Ramzy / Information:

11) CD: Sing Angel Sing / Track: Maranatha Artist: Hadewyn / Label:

12) CD: Beautiful Baby Music / Track: And so To Sleep Artist: Simon Cooper / Information:

13) CD: A Fair Meadow / Track: The fairy meadows Artist: Helen Davies & Kim Skovbye / Information:

14) CD: Let there be light / Track: Fairytale Artist: Stefan Guzikowski / Information:

15) CD: Sea of Dreams / Track: Pause Artist: Myristica / Information:

16) CD: Lifegiving / Track: Forbidden Scents Artist: Australis / Information:

About Peaceful Radio

Peaceful Radio is a follow-up of the successful radio programme Tep Zeppi, a programme dedicated to paranormal and spiritual matters that was broadcast for many years by local radio stations in Zandvoort and Bloemendaal. Tep Zeppi came into being in 1996 when a number of programme makers came up with the idea of making a radio programme called – Zo Boven, Zo Beneden (As above, So below) – for the local radio station in Haarlem. The programme was based on interviews with experts in the field. It was during this period that one of the programme makers, Benno Veugen, came into contact with New Age music and was immediately taken by the diverse and passionate sounds and rhythms. The music touched him deeply and moved him. He got in touch with the record labels and they sent him CDs to use in his radio show. After about 12 months the interviews had been exhausted and the programme came to consist entirely of New Age. In 1999, the programme moved to the radio station in Bloemendaal and Zandvoort under the name Tep Zeppi – later to be called Peaceful Radio in 2010.

Sleep Paralysis at Pictoclik Film Festival

19th July 2013

The short film Sleep Paralysis has been chosen for the Pictoclik Film Festival celebrated on July 19th to 21th in San Francisco (United States). Enrique Flores, filmmaker and director of Sleep Paralysis, talks in this video about his film and the participation at Pictoclik Film Festival.

Sleep Paralysis

Pictoclik 2013 Short Film Selections

  • “Molly” Heather Morrison | comedy
  • “Weimar Deutschland “ Allen Myers | experimental documentary
  • “The Girl in the Grass” Dave Moutray| drama/ suspense
  • “Til The End “ Richard Valencia | drama
  • “Put Away” Scott Hammel | music video
  • “A Midsummer Nightmare The Betrayal” Jeffrey Moore | drama/ suspense Locksmith –
  • “F*** Love” Pete Paduano | music video
  • “Anti Hero” Bo Campbell | comedy
  • “Candy Corpse” Marcus Bruno | comedy
  • “Cain’s Fortune” Myles Chapman | drama
  • “Tillandsias” John Lai | drama/ suspense
  • “Das Lurker” Sarah Yambao | suspense
  • “Sleep Paralysis” Enrique Flores Roldán | drama
  • “Comfort Zone” Jackie Grieff | drama
  • “Take Five” Adrian Nava | comedy
  • “Waste Land” Elysa Sardinha | experimental
  • “Girls In Town” Mark” Malek” Adam | documentary
  • “Part of Me Died When You Left” Susan Whigham | drama

Lost Frontier Presents AMIAS

14 May 2013

Javier Bedoya presents in his radio program Lost Frontier the soundtrack AMIAS composed and produced by José Manuel Quintana Cámara. You can listen to or download the podcast of this edition number 744 here.

About Lost Frontier

Lost Frontier is a radio program focused on new instrumental music, the world of New Age and other contemporary music styles which are not usual in conventional radio. It is run by Javier Bedoya and it is broadcasted every Tuesday from 22:00 to 24:00 (GMT+1 time) on En el Aire radio.

"Descargué el album y lo he estado escuchando. Está muy bien. Me ha sorprendido la intensidad: todos los temas están a un altísimo nivel. Sinceramente me suena como una producción totalmente profesional. Por cierto, ¡qué arreglos!", ~Javier Martínez, Spain
"Enhorabuena y felicidades por tu segundo CD (Timeless). Me he quedado con la miel en los labios..., desde luego promete ser tan bueno o más que tu primer trabajo que para mí fue un gran descubrimiento. Espero poder escucharlo y disfrutarlo íntegro muy pronto.", ~Mario Cobos, Essence Piano Radio, Spain