Peaceful Radio presents the album Feelinks

9th December 2012

Peaceful Radio

The album Feelinks has been presented by Peaceful Radio. Benno Veugen, owner Peaceful Radio, has created a site for J. M. Quintana Cámara's music. The song Melancholic November has been included into the Peaceful Radio Radioshow 838 together with the following music:

Peaceful Radio part 1

1) CD: Celtic Christmas / Track: Ding Dong Merrity on High Artist: Gabrielle / Information:

2) CD: Feelinks / Track: Melancholic November Artist: J.M. Quintana Camara / Information:

3) CD: New Dawn / Track: Winds Of Change Artist: Anna M. & Johnny Owl / Information:

4) CD: Pipes & Drums / Track: Wild Mountain Thyme Artist: 1st Battalion Scott Guards / Information:

5) CD: Embracing Winter / Track: Baby What You Goin’ To Be? Artist: Jim Hudak / Information:

6) CD: Lifegiving / Track: Conciliaton Artist: Australis / Information:

7) CD: Symphony in f / Track: Second Movements Artist: Stuart Jones / Information:

8) CD: Crossing Borders / Track: Rendevouz with Rama Artist: Re-Orient / Information:

9) CD: Eve Awakening / Track: Awakening Lullaby Artist: Joshua Samson / Information: 

10) CD: High Planes Music / Track: Goldenheart Artist: Asher Quinn / Information:

11) CD: Alhambra / Track: Alhambra Artist: Jon Mark / Information:

12) CD: Midwinter’s Dream / Track: Sing We Now of Christmas Artist: Sangit Om / Information:

13) CD: My Own Little World / Track: Improvisation D-Minor Artist: Eichstaedt / Information:

14) CD: American Impressions / Track: Echoes of Harlem Artiest: Lisa Hilton / Information:

15) CD: Antartica / Track: Theme from Antartica Artist: Vangelis / Information: Polydor 

16) CD: Winter into Spring / Track: January Stars Artist: George Winston / Information: Windham Hill Records

Peaceful Radio part 2

1) CD: Christmas / Track: O Christmas Tree Artist: Isadar / Information: 

2) Thoughts For The Masses / Track: Imagine Artist: Pauline Alexander / Information:

3) CD: Sea of Dreams / Track: 7pm and Sunny Artist: Myristica / Information:

4) CD: The very best of Africa / Track: Isqoqodo Artist: Insingizi / Information:

5) CD: The Journey / Track: Deja Vu Artist: Freud / Information:

6) CD: Keys of Christmas / Track: Sea Of Stars Artist: Louis Colaiannia / Information:

7) CD: Grace Notes / Track: One Big Love Artist: Daphne Ashbrook / Information:

8) CD: Ochi Chiornye / Track: Move away, don’t look at me Artist: Valentina Ponomareva / Information:

9) CD: Heart Of Tibet / Track: The Wind Horse Artist: GioAri / Information:

10) CD: Relax 1 / Track: Twilight Dialogue Artist: Klaus Schonning / Information:

11) CD: The Ancient Secret / Track: Opening Artist: Rishi / Information:

12) CD: A Midnight Clear / Track: Coventry Carol Artist: Bill Leslie / Information:

13) CD: Patterns of Reflection / Track: Transmission Artist: Peter Sterling / Information:

14) CD: Sleepy Angels / Track: 1 Artist: Jim Oliver / Information:

15) CD: Sundance Season / Track: Voices Artist: R. Carlos Nakai / Information:

16) CD: Autumn / Track: Colors Artist: George Winston / Information:

17) CD: Tear of the Moon / Track: Tear of the Moon Artist: Coyote Oldman / Information:

About Peaceful Radio

Peaceful Radio is a follow-up of the successful radio programme Tep Zeppi, a programme dedicated to paranormal and spiritual matters that was broadcast for many years by local radio stations in Zandvoort and Bloemendaal. Tep Zeppi came into being in 1996 when a number of programme makers came up with the idea of making a radio programme called – Zo Boven, Zo Beneden (As above, So below) – for the local radio station in Haarlem. The programme was based on interviews with experts in the field. It was during this period that one of the programme makers, Benno Veugen, came into contact with New Age music and was immediately taken by the diverse and passionate sounds and rhythms. The music touched him deeply and moved him. He got in touch with the record labels and they sent him CDs to use in his radio show. After about 12 months the interviews had been exhausted and the programme came to consist entirely of New Age. In 1999, the programme moved to the radio station in Bloemendaal and Zandvoort under the name Tep Zeppi – later to be called Peaceful Radio in 2010.

своими руками
"Que belleza muchisimas gracias Profesor que preciosidad lo pondre en mi casaa durante la cena de navidad es una musica que invita a la reunion familiar a la armonia esta hermosa", ~Maryangeles Carro Afonso, Spain
"“With Tenderness and Love” is another favorite. Very spare yet very poignant, it’s a beautiful example of “less is more.”", ~Kathy Parsons,, USA