Musicas Imaginadas Presents Stop Hunger!

10 January 2013

Ignacio Bahíllo presents in his radio program Músicas Imaginadas the soundtrack Stop Hunger! composed and produced by José Manuel Quintana Cámara. You can listen to or download the podcast of this edition here.

About Musicas Imaginadas

Músicas Imaginadas is a radio program focused on new instrumental music, the world of New Age and other contemporary music styles which are not usual in conventional radio. It is run by Ignacio Bahíllo and it is broadcasted every Thursday from 22:30 to 23:30 (GMT+1 time) on En el Aire radio.

своими руками
"(The Tree of Friendship) Muy hermosa melodía. Me llenó de paz.", ~Evelin Marlene Navia
"Con una gran musica que aporta muchísimo al documental..gracias Jose Manuel Quintana Camara", ~Xavi Cortés López, Spain