Global Music Awards 2015 Winner

July 2015

HMMA JMQuintanaCamara 2015

Music composer and producer J. M. Quintana Cámara has received two silver medals in the renowned Global Music Awards® (GMA) in the categories "Contemporary Classical" and "Composition/Composer" for his composition "The Essence of Life”.

Global Music Awards, based in California (United States), is a showcase for original music, unique voices and emerging artists. Musicians who win Global Music Awards are in select group of the world’s most talented artists. Global Music Awards are prestigious and are recognized by industry insiders to give legitimacy to outstanding artists.

своими руками
"Descubrí tu música gracias a tu vídeo de la BSO de Tiempo entre Costuras, estaba escuchando su banda sonora y algunos vídeos me llevaron al tuyo que me encanto y decidí escucharte, e hice bien. Me encanta el cine y las bandas sonoras me apasionan, las escucho para estudiar y hacer los deberes, pero desde que te descubrí, te "uso" mucho para estudiar", ~Alejandro Fortes, Spain
"Nice music with amazing pictures that transport you to a wonderful paradise and make me think about old times and those things that I liked when I was a child. Great Job!" ~Jero Segovia, Spain