Luchando Contra lo Desconocido

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Fighting Against the Unknown is the soundtrack composed and produced by José Manuel Quintana Cámara for the documentary Garmitxa: Luchando Contra lo Desconocido, produced and directed by the Spanish filmmakers Ana Palou, Isabel Grábalos, Lucía Pascual and Angélica Fontes de Albornoz. 

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Lucía Pascual' comments about José Manuel's work

Original text: "Recomiendo a cualquier productor que baraje la idea de contratar a José Manuel como compositor de la banda sonora de su documental. Muestra pasión por lo que hace y ésto se deriva en unos resultados impecables." ~Lucía Pascual, Filmmaker, Spain

Translation: "I recommend any film producer to hire José Manuel as music composer of the soundtrack for their films. He shows a lot of passion for his job, what leads to great results." ~Lucía Pascual, Filmmaker, Spain


Luchando Contra lo Desconocido


How to explain him that people need to eat for living while he cannot eat anything? Kontxi faces this situation everyday. She keeps fighting against her song's unnamed illness for seven years. At birth, they discovered that Garikoitz was allergic to any food. All it can take is a compound of amino acids based on breast milk.


  • Director: Ana Palou and Isabel Grábalos
  • Producer: Lucía Pascual
  • Production Assistant: Angélica Fontes de Albornoz
  • Original music: J. M. Quintana Cámara
своими руками
"Awesome! Brilliant! Lovely! Superb! 5 STARS!!!", ~Helder Rock, UK
"Hola José Manuel. Me encantó tu composición. Soy seguidora del blog Soy piano y alli te descubrí. Ya eres parte de mi banda sonora.", ~Adela Montalvo Gil, Spain