Los Años Robados de Xavi

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Los Años Robados de Xavi

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Several tracks from the album Feelinks composed and produced by José Manuel Quintana Cámara are the soundtrack of the documentary Los Años Robados de Xavi, produced and directed by the Spanish journalist Gustavo Franco (All Media Consulting). 

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Gustavo's Franco comments about José Manuel's work

Original text: "José Manuel is a composer and musician very committed with the assignments. As a professional, I would highlight his great communication profile; and, as an artist, he has matured his own compositions. I was lucky to count on him for the documentary "Los Años Robados de Xavi", which the whole soundtrack was produced by J. M. Quintana. About this film, the most positive comments and critics made by the media and cinema professionals, noted the well done job of Quintana. I strongly recommend him for music composition on cinema!" ~Gustavo Franco, Journalist, Spain


Los Años Robados de Xavi


The documentary Los Años Robados de Xavi tells the story of Xavi Xavier Vallejos, who was taken by a social worker from home in 1985, up for adoption to a family in Barcelona. "The officer took a momentary absence of my mother to take me to an office where I was told about my new parents from that time would be," said Vallejos, 36, a resident of Palamos (Girona). Currently expected to appear in court in Barcelona, having reported to the social worker, foster parents and the administration.


  • Director, writer and producer: Gustavo Franco
  • Camera: Mireia Fort
  • Original music: J. M. Quintana Cámara
  • Graphics: Clara Calvet
  • Colour: Rubén Pérez
  • Sound: Javier Carles Madurga
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