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The Challenge is the soundtrack composed and produced by José Manuel Quintana Cámara for the documentary Galeón, produced by the Spanish director Pablo Casasola.

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Pablo Casasola's comments about José Manuel's work

Original text: "" ~Pablo Casasola, Film Director, Spain

Translation: "" ~Pablo Casasola, Film Director, Spain


Luchando Contra lo Desconocido


In January 2013, Galeón crossed the Atlantic ocean to the Caribbean following the route of the trade as it was followed during the Carrera de Indias. Aboard, the 34 protagonists of our documentary crew, a group of men and women from diverse backgrounds and whose common link was the passion for sailing and the sea. Experienced sailors, some other completely neophytes had to learn to live in a confined space and isolated from the world for three weeks.

For them, the journey became a journey that they will not easily forget. From whales to storms passing through the Calima, coexistence and isolation. This is the documentary about the adventure that changed their lives.


  • Script and production: Pablo Casasola
  • Assistant director: Miguel Talegón
  • Infografics and design: Víctor Herrero
  • Narration: Jesús Prieto
  • Soundtrack: José Manuel Quintana Cámara
своими руками
"Monocrome e strabelle !! Avevo seguito i click singolarmente, qui l'estro di Francesca è impreziosito da mago Arcangelo ed una colonna sonora quella di José cosi' incalzante che sembra abbracciare una ad una le singole foto... Chapeau." ~Stefania Ponta, Italy
"José Manuel, no veo la hora de poder escuchar este nuevo CD (Timeless) por completo. Transmite un conjunto de emociones que te transporta a un mundo especial, un mundo en el que la música entra en tu cuerpo", ~Silvana Veronica Rodríguez, Italy