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Release Date

August 2012


Soundtrack Description

Photographic Trips is the soundtrack of the series of documentaries De Ruta Por, composed by José Manuel Quintana Cámara to be used by the Spanish photojournalist David Monfil as the intro soundtrack of all the episodes of this series. 

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David Monfil's comments about José Manuel's collaboration

Original text: "José Manuel es una persona entusiasta de la música. Ha colaborado conmigo de una forma muy pro-activa además de realizar los cambios que yo le solicitaba hasta conseguir la composición musical ideal. Para mí ha sido muy productivo trabajar con él y doy mi recomendación." ~David Monfil, Photographer, Spain

Translation: "José Manuel is a passionate musician. He has worked with me in a very pro-active way as well as making all the changes I requested to him until getting the perfect musical composition. Working with him has been very productive for me, therefore I recommend to work with him" ~David Monfil, Photographer, Spain

Series De Ruta Por



Episode 1: La Tribu Masai de Amboseli

Episode 2: Värmland, Suecia

Episode 3: La Música Klapa, Croacia

Episode 4: Santa Fe del Montseny, Barcelona

Episode 5: SnowBike en Postalm, Austria

Episode 6: Panama Jack

Episode 7: Isla de Lamu (Kenia)

Episode 8: Sobrevolando Costa Rica

Episode 9: Svalbard

своими руками
"Love it... Best piece to listen to when one needs to relax and reflect on life. Can't wait for the rest of the album" ~Jessica Twumasi, Ghana
"The combination of a thorough music education with artistic creativity and emotional depth allows Quintana Cámara to do whatever he chooses at the piano, and the results are gorgeous!", ~Kathy Parsons,, USA