Sleep Paralysis

Release Date

April 2013

Sleep Paralysis

Soundtrack Description

Sleep Paralysis is the soundtrack composed and produced by José Manuel Quintana Cámara for the short film Sleep Paralysis, produced by the Mexican filmmaker Enrique Flores. 

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Enrique Flores' comments about José Manuel's work

Original text: "As filmmaker, I, Enrique Flores, strongly recommend José Manuel Quintana as Music Composer. Although I haven´t personally met José, I had the opportunity to work with him early this year. I hired him as the main composer for the soundtrack for my first short film, Sleep Paralysis, and I am truly satisfy with his impecable labor. He is easy to work with, precise on his terms and committed to his word. In late 2012, he offered his services as Music Composer and after a few months of expressing all my vision to him via email (because I live in the USA and he lives in Spain) we worked out an excellent communication, leading me to finish my film on time. If you would need any references about José, please don´t hesitate to contact me." ~Enrique Flores, Filmmaker, San Francisco (USA)

Short Film

Sleep Paralysis


Julio is paralyzed half-awake half-asleep. As if he was asphyxiating underwater, he mixes up memories, dreams and parallel realities when he griefs his best friend's lost. In order to wake up, he must accept reality.


  • Director, writer and producer: Enrique Flores
  • Cast:
    • Isaac Muñoz
    • Ruddy Barrios
    • Vince Anthony
  • Original music: J. M. Quintana Cámara
  • Cinematography: Francisco Puentes
  • Film editing: Chu-Chung Tao
  • Sound editing: Siera Sinclair


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