Zone Artystyck 76

Release Date

July 2012

Zone Artystyck 76

Soundtrack Description

From the Top of the Cliff has been chosen by Albeiro Echeverry Torres, Zone Artystyck 76, as the soundtrack of the video Pintura al Óleo New York. In this video, Albeiro paints a picture of a New York street. 

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Albeiro Echevarry's comments about José Manuel's collaboration

Original text: "La música de J. M. Quintana Cámara es genial, simplemente sublime, tranquilizadora, nostálgica y profunda. En una palabra, simplemente es bella... y la recomendaría para todo tipo de videos." ~Albeiro Echeverry Torres, Pintor, Spain

Translation: "J. M. Quintana Cámara's music is fantastic, simply sublime, soothing, nostalgic and deep. In a word, simply beautiful... and I would recommend it for every kind of videos." ~Albeiro Echeverry Torres, Painter, Spain


своими руками
ntarnos tanta belleza y compartir su próximo trabajo.", ~Joan Pinardell, Spain
"Complimenti, Jose Manuel... bellissimo lavoro !!!", ~Serafino Savastano, Italy