Photo - Finestre-Fenêtres-Windows

Release Date

March 2012 - March 2014

Photo - Finestre-Fenêtres-Windows

Soundtrack Description

Arcangelo Vincent Scalici and Anne Ka, owner and co-owner of the Facebook group Photo - Finestre-Fenêtres-Windows, have chosen the following compositions as the soundtrack of their videos:

  • From the Top of the Cliff for the video "337. Angela Pasqualotto". 
  • Melancholic November for the video "759. Walter Greco".
  • Sunset for the video "787. Francesca Di Silvestre".
  • Hope on the Horizon for the video "812. Raduno Venezia 2013"
  • Stop Hunger! for the video "Stop Hunger, Basta la Fame"

Arcangelo's comments about José Manuel's collaboration

I am the leader of a photograph group on Facebook with a YouTube channel called "finestre - fenêtres - windows" --- With amateur and semi-professionals photographs we created 780 slideshows with photos and music --- José Manuel Quintana Cámara's music is one of my preferred!! It fits very well to visual and artistic works - Thank you once more ... José Manuel, you are not only a great artist but a great human being too!!” ~Arcangelo Vincent Scalici, Owner of the Facebook group Photo - Finestre-Fenêtres-Windows, Italy


Stop Hunger, Basta la Fame

787. Francesca Di Silvestre

812. Raduno Venezia 2013

337. Angela Pasqualotto

759. Walter Greco

своими руками
"Muito grata por me enviar esta preciosidade, completada pela linda trilha musical... Me senti uma privilegiada...", ~Regina Maria Amaral, Brazil
"Gracias por comunicarnos tu arte que hace cambiar días tristes en felices, hace dar esperanza a los que la necesitan e inspiración a todos los demás músicos del mundo.", ~Miguel Ángel Ríos, Cello player, Colombia