Photo - Finestre-Fenêtres-Windows

Release Date

March 2012 - March 2014

Photo - Finestre-Fenêtres-Windows

Soundtrack Description

Arcangelo Vincent Scalici and Anne Ka, owner and co-owner of the Facebook group Photo - Finestre-Fenêtres-Windows, have chosen the following compositions as the soundtrack of their videos:

  • From the Top of the Cliff for the video "337. Angela Pasqualotto". 
  • Melancholic November for the video "759. Walter Greco".
  • Sunset for the video "787. Francesca Di Silvestre".
  • Hope on the Horizon for the video "812. Raduno Venezia 2013"
  • Stop Hunger! for the video "Stop Hunger, Basta la Fame"

Arcangelo's comments about José Manuel's collaboration

I am the leader of a photograph group on Facebook with a YouTube channel called "finestre - fenêtres - windows" --- With amateur and semi-professionals photographs we created 780 slideshows with photos and music --- José Manuel Quintana Cámara's music is one of my preferred!! It fits very well to visual and artistic works - Thank you once more ... José Manuel, you are not only a great artist but a great human being too!!” ~Arcangelo Vincent Scalici, Owner of the Facebook group Photo - Finestre-Fenêtres-Windows, Italy


Stop Hunger, Basta la Fame

787. Francesca Di Silvestre

812. Raduno Venezia 2013

337. Angela Pasqualotto

759. Walter Greco

своими руками
"woooowww!!! muchas gracias!!!, en verdad :) tu música me transporta!!! me encanta!!! ¿vendrás a México pronto a deleitarnos?", ~Debeb Velázquez, México
"Gracias por componer esa música tan maravillosa que llega al alma.", ~Nikitta González, Spain