Kruibeke TV

Release Date

July 2012

Kruibeke-TV: Aardbeien Oogst

Soundtrack Description

From the Top of the Cliff has been chosen by Johan Arnout, Kruibeke TV (Belgium) as the soundtrack of the video Aardbeien Oogst. In this video, an old woman owns a beautiful vegetable garden where she grows and picks strawberries at the Belgian town of Kruibeke. 

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Johan Arnout's comments about José Manuel's collaboration

I used the music composed and performed by J. M. Quintana Cámara "From the top of the cliff" in a video-clip on my TV channel (Kruibeke TV). As you can see and hear the music blends very well with the tenderness and the mood of the clip” ~Johan Arnout, Kruibeke TV, Belgium


своими руками
"I am the leader of a photograph group on Facebook with a YouTube channel called 'finestre - fenêtres - windows' --- With amateur and semi-professionals photographs we created 780 slideshows with photos and music --- José Manuel Quintana Cámara's music is one of my preferred!! It fits very well to visual and artistic works - Thank you once more ... José Manuel, you are not only a great artist but a great human being too!!", ~Arcangelo Vincent Scalici, Independent Entertainment Professional, Italy
"Es una música que transmite mucho y es fácil de oir.", ~Alberto Zabala, Spain