The Warning Second Coming

Release Date

January - September 2013

The Warning Second Coming

Soundtrack Description

The Warning Second Coming has chosen the following compositions as the soundtrack of their video messages:

  • Stop Hunger! for the video message "I Call Out". 
  • Sunset for the video message "God Exists In Every Single Person Born". 
  • Soul Whisperings for the video message "So Easily do People Accept".
  • Candles under the Moonlight for the video message "I Pine for Them".
  • Soul Whisperings for the video message "When They Change".
  • Hope on the Horizon for the video message "Recite this Special Crusade Player"

The Warning Second Coming's comments about José Manuel's collaboration

Your music is very detailed and the complexity is wonderfully suited for the kind of videos I put together. Your music makes my mission much easier.” ~Lauran08, Volunteer at The Warning Second Coming, USA

Video Messages

When They Change

Recite this Special Crusade Prayer

So Easily do People Accept

I Pine for Them

I Call Out

God Exists In Every Single Person Born

своими руками
"For the Child Helpline International participatory video with the Dutch girls I used the first minute of a beautiful song called ‘From the top of the cliff’, by José Manuel Quintana Cámara, a Spanish professional pianist and music composer. He was so kind to allow us to use the music for free.", ~Ivet Pieper, Independent Consultant, The Netherlands
"Si, la sua musica mi piace molto e ho condiviso il link nel mio gruppo 'Passioni e Visioni', nonchè sulla mia bacheca (o diario) Grazie a Jose Manuel Quintana Camara.", ~Nadia Modica, Italy