"José Manuel es un excelente compositor y pianista, inquieto, creativo y trabajador meticuloso. Su música es una fuente de inspiración que te acompaña en momentos de instrospección y reflexión. Muy recomendable para todos aquellos profesionales que trabajan en los ámbitos del crecimiento personal." ~Isabel Villagar, Soprano, Spain
"I really like your arrangements from other artists, you can give a real and unique identity at each. And I already have listen to you album, thanks for sending it too… I listen to it straight, without a stop: all songs are different but in the same time they suite well together…good structuration of the album I must say. I like as well the way you put energy, emotions in the pieces. In this way I find the title, feelinks, suits well with the inside of the album. And the last one, with cello, is just amazing! What I can tell is that for me, some introductions are a little bit too long, like in soul whispereing or in candles in the moonlight, but it’s just my taste in music…I hope my humble opinion can help you.", ~Sarah Tharin, Switzerland