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Own Compositions (Full List)

Album Feelinks (2012)

Melancholic November


Liberation of Mauthausen

Soul Whisperings

From the Top of the Cliff


Discovering the Paradise

Hope on the Horizon

Candles Under the Moonlight

With Tenderness and Love

Peaceful Holy Night

Praça do Comércio

Melancholic November (piano and cello)

Album Timeless (2014)

Fighting Against the Unknown

Sleep Paralysis


Wonders of Earth

Stop Hunger!

Welcome Back

Frenetic World

Toward the Unknown


The Magic of Christmas


Give Me Your Hand

The Tree of Friendship

The Shepherd Boy

Saw Ye My Saviour?

Covers (Full List)

R&B, Pop, Rock

No Time to Die (Billie Eilish, 007)

Style (Taylor Swift, 1989)

Dance Monkey (Tones And I)

Mi Héroe (Antonio Orozco, Destino)

Lo Saben Mis Zapatos (Pablo López, El Mundo y Los Amantes Inocentes)

Tu Canción (Amaia & Alfred, Eurovision 2018)

Hasta el Final (David Bisbal)

Halo (Beyoncé, I Am… Sasha Fierce)

Tu Jardín con Enanitos (Melendi, Lágrimas Desordenadas)

Lo Niego Todo (Joaquín Sabina)

No Tengo Nada (Alejandro Sanz) 

Praise Abort (Lindemann, Skills in Pills)

Film Music

Football Anthems