Passion For Music Academy v3 (no borders)

In Passion For Music Academy, we are very proud of our students’ work. You can know more about them and discover their amazing talent below.


Baïzis is a piano and composition student at the Passion For Music Academy online academy with a great talent for music. With only 11 years old, she is capable of perform every piece with passion and feeling. In addition to enjoying playing the piano, she also composes her own songs. Below you can see an example of her interpretation of the Amelie soundtrack, “Comptine d’un autre été” by Yann Tiersen, and her own composition “Latidos”. We invite you to follow her YouTube channel.


Raúl Plaza is a music composition and production student at the Passion For Music Academy online academy. Raúl plays the bass, and despite his youth, he has extensive experience as a bassist in groups like Celtian. Raúl started with composition and production classes at Passion For Music Academy from scratch, and in a short time he has been able to compose and produce music for visual media as you can see below. The first piece is the soundtrack for HBO’s DC’s Stargirl trailer for the Spitfire Audio Competition, and the second piece is also music for visual media for the Music Cosmos Composer Competition. We invite you to follow his YouTube channel.

Raúl Plaza

"I started my lessons with J. M. Quintana Cámara at the online academy "Passion For Music Academy" in 2020. At that time I didn't even know how to open a DAW, I composed music by hand and had no knowledge of orchestration. In less than a year, I was able to compose and produce orchestral pieces of music longer than 3 minutes with VSTs obtaining very satisfactory results, and even being able to compose music for short films. Recently I decided to look at the first pieces that I sent him, to compare them with my latest works: it is incredible it's barely been a year since then. 100% recommended."


Rubén Cámara is a student of classical piano, music composition and production at the online academy Passion For Music Academy. He is one of the most veteran students in the academy and at the same time with the greatest projection. He studies Professional Degree in classical piano. You can watch some of his interpretations of classic and modern songs on his YouTube channel or Instagram. He also enjoys writing and producing Lo-Fi music in his home studio.

Rubén Cámara

"I started my face-to-face lessons at Passion for Music Academy as a complement to electronic keyboard training in Elementary Grade at the Valdepeñas music school. During the first three years, I learned how to play different styles: jazz, blues, swing on electronic keyboard. In my fourth year, while I was finishing my fourth grade, José Manuel prepared me to take the entrance test for classical piano to professional degree, and in just one year I was able to pass the test successfully, with one of the best grades, gaining access to the Professional Degree of Ciudad Real Conservatory Today, José Manuel helps me perfect my technique and the classical piano pieces at the conservatory, but we also work on other activities and other styles of music that are not seen in the conservatory, such as playing by ear , composing and producing music, editing sheet music with the computer, etc. I highly recommend José Manuel's classes to anyone who wants to enter the fascinating world of music."

Passion For Music Academy v3 (no borders)