Reviews by Film Industry Professionals

You can find below some quotes and reviews by film industry professionals (directors, producers, etc) with comments about their experience working with music composer J. M. Quintana Cámara. 

Gonzalo Guajardo

Film Director | Paper Boats​
“If I had to define my experience working with J. M. Quintana, I would stick to the following: he was proactive (he found me, contacted me and offered me some samples in a disinterested way to convince me); flexible (we worked 10,000 km away and it wasn't a big problem); patient (he endured my multiple sick revisions with integrity); elegant (he knew how to feed my ego without disrespecting himself as a musician); creative (he brought many different solutions until he nailed it); and, above all, passionate about his work (he threw himself into the story and even today it makes me cry when I review the final scene because of how he resolved it musically). In short, he knew how to "read" the project, hit the key and offer the best of himself. His work was not in vain: he ended up winning one of the most prestigious film music awards in Hollywood. Hats off, maestro!"

Jason Gurvitz

Film Director | In the Desert of Dark and Light
“After so many years making films I’ve come to understand how important it is to have a shorthand with the people I create with. All of us really need to not only hear each other, but also to really listen and José Manuel is one of the greatest listeners and artists I know. The music he wrote for my film was so nuanced and powerful that sometimes it felt as if he had a better idea of what I was thinking than even I did. That is the sign of a great composer - one who can convert the ambiguous musings and references of a director still trying to find the voice of the story - and then bring a palette of music that is exactly in our head. I look forward to working with him on many projects to come.”

Alejandro Lobo

Film Director | Amo Cada Átomo de Tu Cuerpo
"After 15 years working in the film industry in several projects as scriptwriter and director, no one had managed to get me as moved about his work as José Manuel with his music. And although I am somewhat ashamed to admit it, when I heard the score that he had composed for our first project together, I cried like an old mourner. I photographed myself still with tears in my eyes and I sent it to him so that he could see first-hand how his work was capable of touching the sensitive fiber of someone who, after too many months immersed in the most mechanical part of the project, was able to reconnect with the purity, excitement and nerves that invade the protagonists of our story. José Manuel is not only a magnificent composer and an exquisitely sensitive person, but he is another uncredited scriptwriter and director who knows exactly what is best for each project. And I'll tell you more: he's a kind guy, talking to him about music is a delight, and he doesn't object to you proposing temporary music to confirm that you both speak the same language and thus be able to redirect you to his musical universe without practically letting you know. realize. For all this and more, a thousand thanks and until next time, J. M."

Emir Kumova

Film Director | War of Colors, Dream of Aces​
“Working with Jose was a great experience. Easy, understanding, very creative, accommodating every need and attention to detail. Because of our chemistry, I can easily say he is not just a colleague but a lifelong friend. Hope to work on a feature one day together.”

Corey Emanuel Jr.

Film Director | I Do, Reggie the Mailman
“What sets him apart is his want for understanding the details of the story of each film. When we start working on a new film, we always talk about the music the film needs, and J. M. always finds a way to enhance the initial ideas in ways that push the narrative further. It’s an honor to collaborate with J. M., my films wouldn’t be what they are without his music.“

Deborah Guerrero

Film Director & Actress | La Bibliotecaria
“When you are looking to move to a new house and you see the first house, it is usually discarded. But, sometimes, the first one is the one that makes you vibrate and you only imagine yourself in it. You keep looking and you see things that you like, but for some reason, the first one is the one that has stuck between your eyebrows. That happened to me with José. When we began to exchange what could work for my short, we understood each other perfectly. He is a great listener, and his overflowing sensitivity is what convinced me the most. Without that quality it would be impossible to understand cinema and all its ins and outs. J. M.’s music is medicine and gives more meaning to the stories. In addition to being a great professional in terms of timing, feedback and respect, I think he is a great person, and that is very important when it comes to working, at least for me. And having the OST album with the title on each song, already makes me freak out a lot”.

Benny Chen

Film Director | Sunshine in the Rain, Order
“Heart and passion are full in his melodies. I was lucky enough to have my films surrounded by his amazing music to bring out the purest emotions and beauty in our works.”

Nicole Emiliana Mendez

Film Director & Visual Artist | Bad Child
“It is an absolute treat working with José Manuel. He has such a clear passion for the film score and is able to grasp what I want even when I fail to communicate it clearly. He is a true artist, always challenging himself and looking for new sounds and instruments to use. His ability to create an original soundscape that deepens the connection between the audience and the subject is truly invaluable. Through our work together I have made a new friendship and professional partnership that I expect will last a lifetime.”

Spencer Mead

Film Director | Zemblanity
"My first time working with J. M. and I was blown away to have him aboard our project! It's always important for a composer to have a feel for the pulse of a film and J. M. has that and more! He has great instincts and he is incredibly kind, professional, and talented. He came with so many good ideas while also accommodating the myriad of additional thoughts we threw at him. He is an excellent collaborator and one I want to continue working with in the years to come."

Emilio Martínez-Borso

Film Director | La Vuelta
“Working with José Manuel has been one of the most pleasant professional experiences. At first, it didn’t seem to be easy because we didn’t know each other and we worked remotely. But he made it easy. His predisposition, talent, character and effectiveness far exceeded expectations. He understood and took over the ideas and concepts that I needed to create a score that made our film grow in a spectacular way. So many good reviews are not a coincidence. Jose Manuel is amazing. Thanks a lot."

Franco Machado-Pesce​

Film Director & Actor | Finding Stillness - Iceland
“The artistic touch that J. M. gave my project was nothing short of magical. His knowledge of musical elements mixed with the audiovisual vision of our short film elevated the content to a special world. For that reason “Finding Stillness” has received so many awards at international festivals. It's very easy to create something when you have someone on your team who is dedicated to creativity. His talent and enthusiasm for collaborating on projects is contagious and inspires any creative director to create something unique. It is always a pleasure to work with Jose and I recommend him to any artist looking for a musical element to elevate their projects.”

Nolan Tiongco

Film Director | Carry That Weight
"J. M. is a great collaborator, he creates an atmosphere that I didn’t know I needed. He elevated the film "Carry That Weight" to new heights with an emotional punch that makes the ending a touching and beautiful longing feeling. A subtle tune that lingers in the ear and offers another character into the story, the score. You can really tell that he cares about his craft and gives you everything you wanted and more."

Shadow C. LaValley​

Film Director & Actor | The Can, Dark Winter
"J. M. simply knew what the film needed. We had discussions about style, mood, and the like, but at the end of the day, I simply put my faith in what J.M. thought would be best for the story. He delivered perfectly!"

Poppy Shaw

Film Director | Thárros
“Working with J. M. was the best experience I've had to this date with a composer. The creative discussions we had were so efficient. On paper, you’d never guess we were communicating from the other side of the world. He is so incredibly talented and takes notes extremely well. J. M. brought the film to life, and it brings a tear to my eye to listen to the soundtrack - he captures memories!!“

Natalya Mykhaylyuk

Film Director | Sour
“Working with J. M. was an absolute pleasure. He was passionate about my film “SOUR” from the beginning, taking the time to understand the story, beats and vision. His orchestral score really elevated the film, gifting it with its own unique identity. He was also responsive to my notes as a director while making great suggestions to support the emotional trajectory of the story. A true professional, thank you J. M.!”

Zaira Armendariz

Film Director | Under My Skin
“Collaborating with J. M. was such a pleasure! His passion and love for his craft shows through his work. He understood my vision and took great care with writing and composing my film score. He is so dependable, honest, and very talented! He made this experience so enjoyable, and I was so honored and proud with the end result. I look forward to being able to work with him again in the future!”

Macela Robison

Film Director & Producer | Roomie, Defenseless
“I have worked with José Manuel on two of my films. He is very passionate about his work and is dedicated to his task. He makes sure that he complies with the director’s requests and tries his best to fulfill whatever is required. He makes valuable suggestions that fit the director’s desires. J. M. is a talented and astute musician. His music often resonates throughout the film, and always fits the film perfectly. I will definitely recommend J. M. to any filmmaker who requests his services”.

Alex Tomeo

Film Director | Exposure
"Working with J. M. on my short film was an absolute pleasure. It was amazing to see his passion match my own just after reading the script for the first time. He really wanted to be a part of this film and I could see that from our first meeting. We shared the themes, styles, and motifs we wanted: J. M. took care of the rest. His score perfectly fit our vision and brought a depth of emotion to the film. He has a unique knack for collaboration and communication. After his first draft I was mesmerized at how stunning his score was. His kindness and love for film are the reasons I want to work with him again."

Alfons Rodríguez

Film Producer & Documentary Photographer | The Third Rider
“Excellent composer, committed, professional and a better person.”

Alex Chua

Film Director | I Hear You
“J. M. reached out to me while I was working on my university thesis film. Having never worked with a composer before, I was pleasantly surprised with how professional and accommodating he was. He is incredibly passionate about what he does and gives it his all, no matter the project. I cannot recommend working with him enough”.

Enrique Flores

Film Director | Sleep Paralysis
“I strongly recommend J. M. as a film music composer. I hired him as the main composer for the soundtrack for my short film “Sleep Paralysis”, and I am truly satisfied with his impeccable labor. He is easy to work with, precise on his terms and committed to his word. Although I haven’t personally met José, and despite living in different countries, after expressing my vision about the story, we worked out an excellent communication, leading me to finish my film on time. If you need any references about Jose, please don't hesitate to contact me.”

Gustavo Franco

Film Director | Los Años Robados de Xavi
“José Manuel is a composer and musician very committed with his work. As a professional, I would highlight his great communication profile. I was lucky to count on him for the documentary "Los Años Robados de Xavi". He composed the whole soundtrack. The most positive comments and critics made by film and media professionals, noted the well done job of J. M. I strongly recommend him!“

Lucía Pascual

Film Producer | Garmitxa: Luchando contra lo Desconocido
“I recommend any producer to hire José Manuel as composer of the soundtrack of his film. He shows passion for what he does and this leads to impeccable results.”

Josepmaria Anglès

Film Director | Faraway Land
“For the documentary "Faraway Land", winner of the FCM-PNR Madrid Film Festival, we used various pieces of music composed by José Manuel, who devoted himself from the beginning to this solidarity project with the refugees trapped in Greece, in the midst of the migratory crisis. Quintana knew how to perfectly understand what we wanted to convey, and his work helped convey hope within the drama told in the film. Human quality and artistic professional capacity, what more could you ask for?”

David Monfil

Documentary Photographer | De Ruta Por
“José Manuel is a music enthusiast. He has worked with me in a very proactive way, as well as making the changes that I requested until he achieved the ideal musical composition. It has been very productive for me to work with him and I give my recommendation.”

Reviews by Film and MUsic Critics

You can find below some quotes and reviews by film and music critics with comments about music composer J. M. Quintana Cámara. 


Tenerife International Film Music Festival
"The Fimucinema Award for best original score for a short film goes to J. M. Quintana Cámara for Paper Boats, for its compositional subtlety that masterfully integrates into the visual narrative, and builds the identity of the story and the protagonist"

Fab UK Magazine

War of Colors
“Emir Kumova’s OSCAR® qualifying short WAR OF COLORS shares a story of a black woman with Albinism facing prejudice. This prominent film casts Diandra Forrest as the lead, an actress and model with albinism. The elegant composition was written and composed by J. M. Quintana Cámara.”


Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival
"The soundtrack is exceptional in setting the tone and immersing us in the melancholic western setting." (Review for "Carry That Weight", a film by Nolan Brian Rabanal Tiongco)

Filmchisme Magazine

Creator Spotlight: Zaira Armendáriz on Under My Skin
“The composer of the film, Jose Manuel, read the script and messaged me and said “I want to work on this.” It ended up being much more than I expected! We have an amazing original score and an amazing original song that’s all inspired by Frank Sinatra.”

Mainly Piano

Kathy Parsons
“J. M. Quintana Cámara is on his way to becoming a major player in the contemporary classical music scene. Classical influences with contemporary sensibilities gives the music a genre-crossing appeal that makes it difficult to classify (I really like that!). Hopefully this excellent and very colorful music will bring Quintana Camara the more international following that he deserves. His music is exceptionally expressive, beautifully played, and very evocative. J. M.’s music strongly reflects his classical training yet is very contemporary and accessible. The combination of a thorough music education with artistic creativity and emotional depth allows J. M. to do whatever he chooses, and the results are gorgeous!”

“I took my time with this review because it was out of the ordinary for me. And I’m so thankful that I did. I got to know the music and gained a feel for the beautiful style, the exquisite expression and the out-of-the-park talent on the piano. Any one of the pieces on this CD could be used as a soundtrack. Each piece portrays an emotion, a thought, a personal challenge in such a poignant way. J. M. has painted a beautiful musical collage of the challenges of life in “Timeless”. VERY well done! I give this CD 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it highly!”