Here you can find links to the main music digital platforms where you can find playlists, soundtrack albums and studio music compositions by J. M. Quintana Cámara.

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Film Music Soundtracks

Underscore: Cinematic

Some Award-Winning Soundtracks

Paper Boats (2019)

Sunshine in the Rain (2021)

In The Desert of Dark and Light (2022)

War of Colors (2022)

Finding Stillness - Iceland (2022)

Amo Cada Átomo de tu Cuerpo (2022)

Defenseless (2020)

Tracks on the Sand (2016)

The Can (2022)

Order (2022)

Dark Winter (2021)

Zemblanity (2021)

The Beetle and the Firefly (2020)

Servicio de Mensajería (2021)

Starfish (2020)

Pigmalión (2017)

Studio Albums